Who are your HIPO’s?

Carolyn DEVELOP, PERFORM, RETAIN Leave a Comment

No, I do not have a typo. I am not talking about those big somewhat loveable yet dangerous animals that frequent the waters…. HIPO’s… High Potential Candidates. Those job applicants or current employees in your midst that are the potential proactive earners, the successes, the gems. You can’t tell just by looking at them. They are not wearing a big gold star on their lapel that signifies “I am your best employee to be.’’ An effective tool to use in identifying the HIPO’s is a behavioral assessment or psychological test that is specifically designed for jobfit analysis, such as the Harrison. Behavioral assessments have a much better chance of gaining insight into behavior/suitability because they have a pre-designed strategy that structures questions and carefully considers interpretations of the questions. However, to be effective, behavioral assessments must: measure a large number of factors; effectively manage lie prevention and detection; produce resultsKeep Reading