The change brought about in my team after doing the Skyrocket Sessions in a series of workshops and 1 to 1 sessions has been immeasurable in my opinion. While our investment was in the region of aed25k per month over a the course of a year, our return in morale, retention, reputation and growth has far exceeded that. I would suggest the benefit to our company is valued at 100s of thousands of dollars! We have won 15 industry awards and our revenue has risen exponentially in that time. Carolyn will be back next year for sure!

– Paul Evans, CEO, Solutions Leisure Group.

Amazing! Feeling Good, Feeling Strong, Feeling more connected with myself, my needs and what I want!

– Sarah

Before I started working with the Skyrocket sessions, I felt like I was on the verge of something but somehow lacked the confidence to take those steps. After a few sessions with Carolyn, I began to feel the change and became so much more enthusiastic about my dreams and capabilities.  I learnt to trust that change is not to be feared but embraced. I now feel excited and free of my limiting beliefs that were holding me back.

– Liz

It’s kind of like taking a natural pill… you just feel better.


Skyrocket helped me face my fears and I genuinely have an overall sense of wellbeing and accomplishment after finishing my sessions.

– Cindy

I cannot put into words just how blown away I have been with the impact The Skyrocket Program and Carolyn has had on me and the people in my life. As a CEO I thought I knew it all and how could anybody else show me the way… how wrong could I have been! Thank you Skyrocket for putting my world back on track and now what a world it is!

– Paul

I heard about Skyrocket only by chance. I’m glad I did. My life [for several years] was lacking direction and focus and I was frustrated, angry and bored, for apparently no good reason. I couldn’t decide what was wrong. I spent several months being coached by Carolyn. Within a few weeks I started to understand the root of these feelings. They were simple things that previously I couldn’t identify alone. With Skyrocket’s help I identified them and then significantly took the decision to address them. I remember clearly the day I took this decision and since then my outlook on life has fundamentally changed. Most importantly I’m happy, calm and relaxed, and I can see so much opportunity in life. Every day is now a great day…

– Michael, Lawyer, Dubai

It’s helped me change the discourse or vocabulary that I have in my head. I now stop myself before I make the mistakes that I used to make and I feel much happier because of it!

– Sara

I’ve come out of the Skyrocket sessions feeling very, very positive, very optimistic about my future and I’m far more clear about where I want to go.


Skyrocket helped me in understanding the fears I have and how to overcome them, I found out that exercise is a great way to challenge myself and it shows me that there is nothing I can’t do there are so many exercises I am doing now I never thought I could do before. Every day I come out of the gym I realize that I can do it, its a great feeling, we can push ourselves more that we think.  Now i realize that all that I need to be successful in my life and be satisfied is being healthy. It is the main part of the puzzle that I was looking for to organize my life and I found it with Skyrocket. Now everything else comes second and my health comes first. Thank you Skyrocket for all the effort you put in changing my life, I am the person who I am today because of you.

– Mohammed

I think I’ve changed and become a better person, but when the people around me see the changes and are constantly commenting on them,that’s when you know, Skyrocket works.


Skyrocket helped me with understanding my reactions to stressful situations. We all experience stressful situations from time to time and our body responds to the emotion with sweaty palms and quick breathing. In my case though, the physical symptoms don’t just stop there. I knew it stems from my mind. Under Carolyn’s expert guidance, I was able to disconnect from my usual response to stress and realised that I had a choice. Stress no more!

– Bhawna

Through the wonder that is Skyrocket – I found that all self improvement and change means nothing existing in a vacuum. I had to understand what makes me, me. I had to know what I wanted, find what made me tick and then everything else would fall into place. It’s like I was in limbo until I made the crucial decision to let go of a lot of negativity, self-doubt and an unhealthy amount of self-loathing to realise my truth. I know that I’ve made the most amazing journey of my whole life. And the destination was the place I had once known well – the place where I felt most fulfilled. The place where I am now.

– Karin

Skyrocket and Ali were major contributors to the paradigm shift I have been able to achieve in my life in the past 3 months. Today i will be filmed talking about my journey and how Skyrocket helped me. I am happy that by doing so I will have the opportunity to inspire other to take the step and learn what tools are available for them to achieve anything they dream about.

– Colin

I loved all the tools, all of which you can use immediately.Lindy

After the sessions, I feel less fearful of change and more enthusiastic about my dreams and capabilities.

– Liz