Simply Terrible Life Advice (That I’m glad I never took)

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A few Pieces of Simply Terrible Life Advice (That I’m glad I never took)

While walking the dog at 6.15 this morning, sipping on my coffee, contemplating my day, this question popped into my head:

“What’s the worst advice you’ve ever gotten?”

I started to list them in my mind. And they just kept coming!

I had to race home and start writing, my creative muse turns up at the oddest times, and when she does – I’ve got to take action!

Everyone has advice. Not all of it’s good—some of it can be downright bad. But not everybody knows the difference. Here are some laughable gems of wisdom that I’ve heard over the years that i’m glad I never listened to…write me your comments and share your own bad advice gems with me! I’m curious.

Here’s my list of 20 belters:

1. Snap out of it.  I’ve taught myself “HIPPO” time, my own time to allow myself to wallow in my own sorrow where I process what it is I need to learn. 

2. Don’t be too hasty. Wait and see.  Er, no thanks. Today’s the day.

3. Watch what everyone else is doing.   No one’s got it all figured out. Good luck to everyone. Now back to me.

4. Get back in your box. Nope. I love being me and I shall dance and sing if I want.

5. Keep your enemies close. Eh? Why on earth would you want toxic people around you? 

6. Make sure you’re sure. When I’m sure, I’ll be dead.

7. Prepare for all eventualities. Similar to above. Risk managers have a lot to answer for!

8. Don’t trust anyone. Really? Is the world such a bad place? 

9. Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve. Yep, I let that one go. I agreed to marry my husband after 2 weeks.

10. Don’t go against the grain. I’m a red head. I’m different. I’m firey. Go figure.

11. It’s nice to be nice. Not always. Nice sometimes like vague, bland, limp lettuce.

12. No pain, No gain. Um No Mr Motivator. Pain means I’m probably injuring myself and I should stop. Gain is in being able to move tomorrow. 

13. Follow the news. Take a red pen, circle all the negative articles in the newspaper and then try to convince me reading it is good for me.

14. Don’t take things personally. Mission Impossible. You’re taking this personally aren’t you?

15. Don’t be so hard on yourself. I’m glad I hold myself to a high standard. Who else is going to?

16. Turn it down. Boring.Turn it UP!

17. All men are Assholes. The biggest sweeping generalisation that all women have to overcome.

18. Don’t swear. I love a good expletive every now and again. I draw the line at: Can’t, But, Don’t, If, Try..

19. Save it for a rainy day. A British classic, that makes you look forward to gloomy days. 

20. Crying is for wimps. That makes me a wimp then, ‘cos I can cry at just about anything!

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