Carolyn Coe

Co-Founder & Director

With notable experience in the corporate world as well as the world of elite sport and optimal wellbeing, Carolyn offers a highly valued service to leaders, executives and those looking for the essential catalyst to their personal performance.

A Master NLP Practitioner, Certified Leadership Coach, member of the Association for Talent & Development and author of the Skyrocket Sessions coaching program enjoyed by hundreds of people; Carolyn has worked with some of Dubai’s top executives, business owners and teams as well as start up businesses and entrepreneurs. She particularly enjoys coaching for public speaking, personal effectiveness and leadership mindset. She was resident coach on the “Dubai One” TV chat show and the award winning Dubai 92 Catboy and Geordiebird breakfast radio show.

With lots of hands on corporate experience, Carolyn’s career has also included Director of Hospitality at the Etihad Formula One Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi, Executive Manager of Brands within the Emirates Group and Project Manager for the hospitality division of the World Headquarters of The Royal Bank of Scotland.

Carolyn believes wholeheartedly that change happens best when the example of success is reflected from the top down. She loves to work with trailblazing team leaders on a mission to break free from mediocrity and create high performing teams.



Banan Hadidi

Co-Founder & Director

Banan aids top executives in ‘creating forward professional development through informed and empowered choices.’ A Certified Coach by Marshall Goldsmith, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach by The Coaches Training Institute, Certified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner by the American Board of NLP and Executive Coach with CTI Banan is among the UAE’s most decorated coaches. Driven to see others succeed, she specialises in refining personal and professional motivation and purging limiting behaviours. Clients commend her upbeat and energetic style. Truly a dynamic coach, she supports top executives and high performers to improve even further and bring measurable results.

Banan’s training and coaching style is to partner with executives and leaders to unlock their potential and maximise their performance and leadership qualities. She objectively aids in creating a forward-looking action plan and then provides the support and push needed to stay accountable to achieve results. Banan guides top executives to identify and develop their leadership competencies aligning themselves within their roles, organisation and aspirations. She brings leaders the tools and inspiration to achieve goals and improve their levels of job satisfaction and career fulfilment. Banan is well known for her outstanding ability to create dynamic, eye-opening, highly interactive, educational experiences for her clients, especially in large groups and workshops.

Banan has served as a Board Member in the International Coaching Federation Dubai Chapter, as part of her strong belief of the progression of the profession and industry.



Rory Buck

A true power house. He walks the talk in business and in sport…he might even be Clark Kent!

There’s way more that businesses can learn from elite level professional sport than most would ever appreciate – unless you’ve been there. And Rory has.

For 10 years Rory swam at an international level, representing South Africa. (He’s even beat Michael Phelps!) He just missed out on a spot for the SA Olympic Team in 2012 by a fingertip. Damn – can you imagine how frustrating that must be…and you think you’ve got dreams –  have a word with this guy and you’ll believe everything is possible!

Coaching is in Rory’s blood.  The very essence of pushing the limits and living his dream on a daily basis is what he now passes on to his clients and he does so well at transferring his super-human skill in the water into inspiring and transforming his clients that want a piece of his kryptonite!

Rory’s on a mission to teach and share the secrets of his Olympic journey. He has studied the art of the success mindset. He knows it inside out.  He loves to work with young leaders and high potential teams of professionals. Why be a floater when you can swim…



Ali Buck

Need a serious life review? Consult Our Oracle

To quote Ali,  “when you’re with me, may your heart be lighter and brighter but mostly I hope you’ve had a good laugh – for surely the world needs as many laughers as it can get.”

Ali is Ah-mazing! If you need a hefty lesson in what life’s all about – get yourself a coffee, a blanket and sit down next to this lady…if you’ve got a campfire and some marshmallows more’s the better!

She’s run marathons, climbed mountains, including Kilimanjaro, swum for miles and completed a bike ride through Vietnam and Cambodia to raise funds for charity. Just on her last adventure we saw her zip lining across the Zambezi.

She’s a Humanitarian Ambassador, She runs a charity in Africa, A teacher, Super-Mum, a Domestic Goddess, A Skyrocket Coach and NLP practitioner. In her own words: Teaching + Teenagers + Travel = Heaven for me. She’s a wealth of life information.

The thing she does so well is to show people how to live life to the fullest. She’s intelligent, sporty, fun loving and has a colourful life story full of global adventures and inspiring work that will leave you feeling motivated to follow your dreams and leave a legacy. Mediocrity is not a word that exists in her world. 


Kim Perks

Communication issues? You need Kim! End of.

20 years in the corporate world of Communication, PR & Marketing based in UK, Australia, USA, Hong Kong and Dubai, Kim is another creative addition to the Skyrocket team. She knows the fast pace of modern business these days. She’s spent plenty of time at the coal face. And now she’s joined our team to rid the business world of mediocre leadership, vague direction and under par performance.

Her extensive knowledge and skill combines practical business experience with Master NLP methodologies bringing brightness, interaction and engagement into any group setting.

Kim’s true heart lies in working with teams struggling with communication. (hey, who doesn’t struggle with that!) She is always on point, precise and incredibly observant. She is driven to reveal the power in empowerment.

Anothor jet propelled Skyocket Coach, Kim’s keen runner, she loves a challenge and has completed The Wadi Bih, The London Marathon, the ever popular Creek Striders 21.1km race and many social races throughout the Middle East.

…She’s like Forest Gump..when she stops running, we’ll take her photo!



Sam Fouladgar

Provoking, powerful and profound, he’ll elevate your performance.

Sam specialises in Leadership, Peak Performance, Organisational Culture and Transformation. Sam is a certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time-Line Therapy, and Hypnotherapy. (Don’t worry he won’t make you cluck like a chicken, he’d much rather make you feel like Superman..)

He advises executives and entrepreneurs on how to think and develop strategies for lasting transformation in life and business – in other words, he makes you think differently. He delivers corporate training, one-on-one and group coaching sessions, and public speaking engagements.

He is committed to help companies and individuals pursue their goals and ultimately thrive.

Inspired by eastern philosophy and wisdom, including meditation, mindfulness, martial arts, and yoga, He appreciates spending his time in nature, watch out though – he’ll Ninja Kick you right in the mediocrities…



Marti Susanne Hobby

She’ll connect your mind, body and performance

Marti is a graduate of Biosciences and Health from Leeds University in the UK.
She is deeply interested in the mind-body connection and embraces the profound links between  nutrition, psychology and performance.  She has helped hundreds of people obtain peak performance through nutrition, weight-loss, mental and physical wellbeing and life-fulfilment coaching.

She is a fully qualified in Personal training, Nutrition, sports massage therapy, Neuro-Linguistic programming and Energy-Healing.

Marti finds that by adopting a clear, focused mind-set, having healthy life-habits and environment has a profound impact on every aspect of her own life, from her physical health, mental wellbeing & general over all out look on life – She is passionate to share her MindBody philosophy with others so that they too can enjoy a healthy fulfilling life in every aspect.