Simply Terrible Life Advice (That I’m glad I never took)

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  A few Pieces of Simply Terrible Life Advice (That I’m glad I never took) While walking the dog at 6.15 this morning, sipping on my coffee, contemplating my day, this question popped into my head: “What’s the worst advice you’ve ever gotten?” I started to list them in my mind. And they just kept coming! I had to race home and start writing, my creative muse turns up at the oddest times, and when she does – I’ve got to take action! Everyone has advice. Not all of it’s good—some of it can be downright bad. But not everybody knows the difference. Here are some laughable gems of wisdom that I’ve heard over the years that i’m glad I never listened to…write me your comments and share your own bad advice gems with me! I’m curious. Here’s my list of 20 belters: 1. Snap out of it.  I’ve taughtKeep Reading

6 behaviours to cut out to create happiness

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You’re not totally happy because… Some people would rather be miserable. But not you.  But only if you just had a little more time or money to do the things you want, then you’d be happy-er right? But that’s never gonna happen. So now what? Check Mate. Everyone says they want to be happy, but few really understand what happiness is (i’m not a robot, i’m still working on it too!) Happiness has been misinterpreted as an endless euphoria, where nothing ever goes wrong and magic pixies float through the sky. Society tells you:  ‘Buy this!’ or  ‘Do that!’  Then you’ll be happy.  You need a bigger house, a new car.  Or your partner needs to be better at this or that.  More.  More.  More. So, what if More doesn’t = Better?  And what if Better doesn’t = Happy? Happiness isn’t about having more or doing better, but rather doing less, so you can magnify whatKeep Reading